Lutherans in the UK — Living Grace

This podcast is a joint venture of the Council of Lutheran Churches here in Great Britain. In the these regular installments we hope to inform, entertain and inspire you with stories, music, coming attractions and all manner of content from the many Lutherans who populate this island.

Episode 4: Prayers for Ukraine, helping refugees, Lutheran youth ministry

Episode 3: Grace Alone – What is grace? Sanctuary scholarship, Danish Church in London

Episode 2: Climate Crisis, Sustainability

Episode 1: Lutheran Identity, LCiGB 60

Selected Excerpts from the Podcast

What does in mean to be a Lutheran?

What does it mean to be a Lutheran? Are there any problematic sides of the Lutheran identity? How to be both Lutheran and ecumenical? – These were the questions by the CLC to The Lutheran World Federation’s new General Secretary Anne Burghardt. Watch the interview by the CLC General Secretary Anna Krauß.