Chaplaincy Assistant Role – ILSC

Job details

Part-time (10 hours per week)

Fixed term contract of one year

£11.05 per hour (London Living Wage)

Commencement of Position mid October

Closing date for applications 30th September

Apply for the job by sending your CV and a covering letter to explaining why you are interested in applying for the position of ILSC Chaplaincy Assistant.

About the ILSC

There are three strands to the ILSC:

  1. Student support work:
  • engage in the ministry of embrace – by being and becoming a ‘space’ that students can call a “home away from home”
  • planning events to foster a sense of community amongst students studying in London
  • encourage and support actions of social justice and awareness through signposting to volunteering opportunities and engaging with students on community projects
  • offer a space for conversation and coming together through publicised open coffee hours/student community cafe (which includes signposting for further conversation or to student mental health organisations)
  • offer ‘brave spaces’ for themed discussions
  • offer a ‘quiet space’ where students can reflect
  • ministry of engagement – supporting students in enacting core values of justice, inclusivity, care for creation, and compassion by facilitating engagement in community projects
  • offer occasional chaplaincy services (such as Monthly Taize, Thomas Mass, Jazz Vespers, World Day of Prayer, Prayer for Christian Unity) in partnership with St Mary’s German Church and service at the Indian YMCA hostel twice a month.
  1. Working with other student chaplains:
  • promoting CLC member church Student Chaplaincies events
  • collaborating with CLC member church Student Chaplaincies
  • working together to offer space to those who do not have a physical space to meet students or host functions
  • hosting meetings and training days for CLC member church Student chaplains
  1. Strengthening support to Lutheran pastors and chaplains
  • through support network meetings
  • sharing best practice and creating opportunities for fellowship and training

About the role

This role is to support the reinvention of the ILSC as a non-accommodation-based student community centre that continues to also support local university chaplains and Lutheran chaplains and pastors.

From the outline above on the future work of the ILSC, this post will be most closely involved in all activities under point one – student support work. Much of this role will be involved in helping to raise the profile of the ILSC as well as help formulate its mission and focus as it develops over the coming academic year.

The role requires:

  • flexibility and ability to self-motivate while adhering to procedures and processes of the Council of Lutheran Churches
  • experience of working with university students
  • experience of working in ecumenical and inter-faith contexts
  • good written communication skills

Specific duties may include (but are not limited to): 

  1. Providing a ministry of hospitality and welcome for students and others:
  • especially in organising and hosting a programme of student events
  • through welcoming students and other visitors to the Centres (St. Marys’ German Lutheran Church & Trident House in Southwark)
  • by building up the community of the Centre (at St. Mary’s German Lutheran Church)
  • by befriending students and making them feel welcome
  • by helping students to engage with our worship where appropriate.
  1. Assisting in the running of the Centre in supporting office administration and keep lines of communication open. In particular:
  • helping to reach out to students during International Orientation and Freshers’ Weeks
  • developing and circulating publicity materials
  • maintaining the ILSC web presence through Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and CLC website (this may also include redeveloping the former website)
  • practical details for student trips, retreats and social activities
  • mailings, advertising, producing and placing posters
  • basic financial admin
  • photocopying
  • provision of stationery, office supplies, coffee, tea etc
  • being responsible for the opening and closing of the building, when agreed with the Chaplain
  • helping to plan, set up and lead worship services
  1. Supporting community engagement through:
  • keeping an updated list of local volunteering opportunities and signposting students as appropriate
  • supporting students in engaging with social justice issue through partnered programmes
  • providing an open and inclusive space both in-person and online spaces where dialogue and debate can occur and is supported
  1. Developing the ILSC’s work through:
  • contributing to a clear mission and focus
  • supporting the Student Chaplain in building links with local universities/colleges and students’ Union.
  • networking with student groups and local student accommodation