News from the CLC and its Member Churches

    Recruitment of new LCiGB Bishop

    The Lutheran Church in Great Britain (LCiGB) is searching for candidates for a bishop to succeed the Rt Revd Tor Berger Jorgensen, who will retire in 2023. The Bishop Search Committee is open for suggested candidates from both inside the LCiGB as well as from other Lutheran Churches by 5 September 2022.  The new bishop will be elected by the LCiGB Synod in April 2023. Read more about the recruitment process on the LCiGB web.

    Vacancy: Chaplaincy Assistant

    This role is to support the reinvention of the ILSC as a non-accommodation-based student community centre that continues to also support local university chaplains and Lutheran chaplains and pastors. This post will be most closely involved in student support work, and much of this role will be involved in helping to raise the profile of the ILSC as well as help formulate its mission and focus as it develops over the coming academic year. Part-time (10 hours per week) £11.05 per hour (London Living Wage), closing date for applications 28th August. Apply for the job by sending your CV and a covering letter to explaining why you are interested in applying for the position of ILSC Chaplaincy Assistant. More information: Job Vacancies

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Ecumenical Relations

Through ecumenical relationships and in many other ways Lutherans strive for reconciled diversity in the one body of Christ.

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Support for Members

The Council provides opportunities for Lutherans in Britain to learn more about their history, theology and church life.

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The Lutheran Council of Great Britain produces information about its work and about the Lutheran community in Britain.

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Donating to the CLC

Donating to the Council of Lutheran Churches helps to keep Lutheran churches alive across the country for generations to come. We are called to pass on the foundations of faith to future generations and supporting all to live the gospel in daily life. Why not consider making a gift to the CLC so future Lutherans can find their home here in the UK?

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Lutheran Student Chaplaincy

The CLC Lutheran Student Chaplaincy not only supports Lutheran students across the country but is built on a Christian ethos of hospitality welcoming students of all faiths and none. The chaplaincy works through the 'virtual' community of the International Lutheran Student Centre. You can contact the Lutheran Chaplain for Students by email. You can also sign up for the Chaplaincy newsletter or visit our Facebook page to see regular updates of activities. We are still socially connecting, even if we are physically distant!