Our Activity

Ecumenical Relations

Through ecumenical relationships and in many other ways Lutherans strive for reconciled diversity in the one body of Christ.

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Support for Members

The Council provides opportunities for Lutherans in Britain to learn more about their history, theology and church life.

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The Lutheran Council of Great Britain produces information about its work and about the Lutheran community in Britain.

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Events List

The following Lutheran Churches are represented on the Council

Danish Church
Finnish Church
German Church
Icelandic Church
Latvian Church
Lutheran Church in Great Britain
Norwegian Church
Swedish Church
Estonian Church
Hungarian Church

We Need Your Help

Donating to the Council of Lutheran Churches helps to keep Lutheran churches alive across the country for generations to come. We are called to pass on the foundations of faith to future generations and supporting all to live the gospel in daily life. Why not consider making a gift to the CLC so future Lutherans can find their home here in the UK?

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International Lutheran Student Centre & Chaplaincy

At the International Lutheran Student Centre, the CLC provides a home in central London for students from all over the world. Comfortable and moderately priced the ILSC provides a home for 80 residents, full-time postgraduate students. At the ILSC, the world is welcome. The ILSC has a Christian ethos and practices Christian hospitality by welcoming people of all faiths and none. Residents who make the ILSC their home are part of a diverse community where everyone contributes actively to the social life of the Centre.

The ILSC also hosts the Lutheran Student Chaplaincy which not only supports residents of the ILSC but Lutheran students across the country.