Watchword for the Week

CLC launched its devotional video series “Watchword for the Week”, which is inspired by the Moravian Daily Texts (Die Losungen) tradition, well known and followed by many Lutherans all over the World. Although the CLC Watchword doesn’t have to be from the Moravian calendar, it’s focused on one Bible verse and usually connected with a seasonal theme. The authors of the “Watchwords for the Week” have been the members and friends of the CLC, both lay people and ministers. The videos are uploaded on Sundays to CLC Facebook page and thereafter here. Please click “Follow” on Facebook, hit the bell icon, and choose “All videos” to receive regular notifications of new episodes.

17th of July 2022

10th of July 2022

3rd of July 2022

26th of June 2022

19th of June 2022

12th of June 2022

29th of May 2022

22nd of May 2022

15th of May 2022

8th of May 2022

1st of May 2022

24th of April 2022

27th of February 2022

20th of February 2022

6th of February 2022

30th of January 2022

23rd of January 2022

16th of January 2022

9th of January 2022

21st of November 2021

14th of November 2021

7th of November 2021

31st of October 2021

24th of October 2021

17th of October 2021

10th of October 2021

3rd of October 2021