Lutherans Inclusive on 4th of May 6pm

CLC’s Lutherans Inclusive group studies theme “Greek and Roman Sexuality: Some Context for Reading the Gospel”. Dr Sebastian Matzner who teaches and researches classical literature and its reception in later periods at King’s College London will give a brief introduction into how sexual activity was understood, socially organised, and lived out in ancient Greece and Rome, highlighting both where it differs significantly from today as well as how it came to shape modern notions of sexual identities that emerged in the nineteenth-century. On Thursday 4th of May at 6pm, for more information and registration please contact inclusive[at]

General Secretary Dr Anna Krauß is one of the six Presidents of Churches Together in England

Churches Together in England announced the appointment of a new President, to represent our Fourth Presidency Group. Dr Anna Krauss, General Secretary of the Council of Lutheran Churches in Great Britain, was nominated by the Group’s members. Her term of office begins at the start of May 2023 for four years.

CTE General Secretary, Bishop Mike Royal, said, “CTE is delighted at the appointment of Dr Anna Krauss as CTE President, representing the Fourth Presidency Group. Anna is a formidable theologian, who does a stellar job in leading the Council for Lutheran Churches, alongside her ongoing involvement in local ecumenical church ministry. “Her voice will be a breath of fresh air and we look forward to supporting her to fulfil her role, alongside our other CTE Presidents.”

Dr Anna Krauss said of her appointment, “I am honoured and humbled to serve as a President of CTE. “My term follows an ‘empty chair’, a painful reminder of disunity among Christians. But ecumenism is hope – not a trite platitude, but a deep conviction that we can recognize Christ in all of us and our respective churches. Our diversity enables us to spread the Gospel farther and more deeply. The work of reconciliation and collaboration among Christians helps us to spread the light of Christ into those corners of our dark and desolate World that we could not reach on our own. The Fourth Presidency Group is small but fully committed to the cause of Christian unity and we are looking forward to the period ahead.”