New Episode of the Lutheran Podcast

CLC updates, LWF Pre-Assembly in Oxford, LCiGB Synod, Student Chaplaincy events

“Lutherans in the UK – Living Grace” is a joint venture of the Council of Lutheran Churches (CLC) in Great Britain. This is our first episode with video. CLC Gen Sec Anna Krauß and Outreach Coordinator Meelis Süld will give a short summary about important developments in the CLC, bishop Tor B Jørgensen from the Lutheran Church in Great Britain (LCiGB) helps to summarise the Lutheran World Federation’s Pre-Assembly in Oxford and recent LCiGB Synod meeting, we will call also to LCiGB bishop-elect Jaakko Rusama to hear more about his vision about Lutherans in the UK, at the end of the episode CLC Student Chaplain Rebecca Daniel will inform us about upcoming events in the International Lutheran Student Centre (ILSC).

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