Lutherans in the UK – Living Grace: Climate Crisis and Sustainability

CLC is happy to publish the second episode of our new podcast “Lutherans in the UK – Living Grace”. In this “Christmas” episode we highlight our responsibility as people of faith in the midst of a climate crisis – what we can do both as individuals and as active members of our communities. The episode also takes us to the Finnish Church Christmas market in London and describes the renovated St Mary’s German Lutheran Church in Sandwich Street.

Lutheran Pocast: Lutherans in the UK – Living Grace

The Council of Lutheran Churches in Great Britain is proud to present the first episode of our podcast “Lutherans in the UK – Living Grace”. The main topic of the first show is about our Lutheran identity, including an interview with the new LWF General Secretary Anne Burghardt. The second part of the podcast talks about the 60th Anniversary of the Lutheran Church in Great Britain. The programme includes a devotional by Rt Revd Jāna Jēruma-Grīnberga and many interesting stories. The podcast team included Anna Krauss, Meelis Süld, Wendy Sherer, Salla Korteniemi, Anna Viikari, Tyler Inberg, and Emily Weller.

CLC: General Meeting

General Meeting of Members – 17th June at 16:30

The General Meeting in June is fast approaching and preparations are well under way. This meeting will still be held online as the pandemic has not subsided enough for people to travel easily across borders or to meet in larger numbers indoors in mid-June.

We will hold elections for the Board of Trustees and the Nominations Committee and will present the Annual report and Accounts to the members. After the meeting, the General Secretary will give an update on the work of the Council as much has happened since the AGM in September 2020. We look forward to welcoming our members and guests as the Council is finding a new path into a challenging but nevertheless exciting future.

If you would like to attend the informal part of the meeting, please contact as soon as possible.